Domestic Electrician in Birmingham

MT Electrical is a team of expert electricians that can help you with all your electrical needs through the house. Whatever the size of the job we can ensure you that we will get the task done. Electrical installations in new homes, refurbished buildings and residences, the rewire of your home, the fusion system and control device replacement, protection and alarm systems are some of the electricity demands we can complete around the house. So, if you’re looking for a team of professional electricians in Birmingham to handle your electrical requirements, then get in contact with our domestic electricians.


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Commercial Electricians in Birmingham

We have provided years of commercial electrical work for the West Midlands, our commercial electricians. We are experts in electric service repair, servicing and installation in commercial buildings. Our community of skilled commercial electricians in the Midlands will work closely with our customers to make sure we satisfy the electrical needs. There are a range of commercial electrical services that we deliver including emergency lighting fitting, security alarm fitting and maintenance, CCTV installation and many more. If you’re looking for professional electrical services, then MT Electrical is the company you need, a comprehensive range of electrical services at affordable prices.



Industrial Electricians in Birmingham 

Here at MT Electrical we provide exceptional industrial electrical work. From the very first contact with the industrial client we will work in proximity with them, making sure that we provide the requirements your business needs. We know that all industrial projects are fully tailored to your needs, so we’ll be with you on the whole journey. This is not only about the electrical services we offer but also the customer support. Vast design and construction, construction of sockets and of lighting, installation of fire alarms and other industrial facilities are some of the industrial services we offer.


About Birmingham 

MT Electrical is located in Birmingham, providing the best electrical services in your city, Birmingham is a medieval market town, Birmingham developed in the Midlands enlightenment and subsequent Industrial revolution of the 18th century, which saw developments in science, technology and economic growth, creating a series of inventions that laid many of the foundations of modern industrial society. Our domestic and commercial electricians in the Midlands can ensure that your electrical requirements are met.  


Contact Us for Electrical Services in Birmingham 

Get in touch with our professional team of electricians of domestic and commercial electricians in the Midlands about your electrical requirements either for domestic or commercial. Call 01283 808432 or use our contact form.