How to Maintain Electrical Safety This Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! It is also a time in which there are many electrical safety concerns due to the sheer amount of lights and decorations that are scattered from house to house. There are lots of ways however to avoid electrical safety concerns by simply following a few easy tips. Our main priority at MT is to ensure that no electrical issues will zap away your Christmas experience via short circuits or broken lights, visit us at MT Electrical if you are experiencing these issues.

Inspect Your Lights for Damages

Before you begin the yearly tradition of wrapping lights around your Christmas Tree, it is important to check for any damages that may have occurred over time. There could be a load of broken and split wires that are exposed through casing. Exposed wiring can be a serious electrical safety concern and lead to serious injury.

Always Follow Instructions on Packaging 

It is critical to remember that instructions on packaging and boxes are put there for a reason. No person should be too proud or arrogant to think they do not need the instructions. Failing to read instructions could mean that certain items are not in the correct place and misplaced items can be a huge electrical safety concern. This is because it could lead to malfunctions and possibly electrical fires.

Fire-Resistant Christmas Trees

Whilst on the subject of electrical fires, fire-resistant Christmas Trees are a great choice if you are wanting an artificial Christmas Tree this year. This is an extra safety precaution as sometimes electricals will just malfunction without probable cause, this way you can ensure your Christmas Tree does not become a beacon for spreading fire around your house. If you are looking for the fastest reaction to a fire in your property then be sure to check out our fire alarms services so we can ensure your electrical safety if the worst was to happen.

Ensure Your Decorations Are Stored Correctly

As Christmas is an annual event, you tend to only get the decorations down for one month of the year. In the remaining 11 months if you decided to leave your electricals exposed without any protective covering or box to hold them in, then you should probably replace them just to ensure electrical safety. You should of course test them out in a safe and controlled environment yet pieces of dust and debris could easily have gathered inside the decorations over that period of time and this could lead to major electrical safety issues.

Never Leave Children or Pets Unattended

Now this rule does not only apply to Christmas decorations but also to every other electrical equipment in your home. It is well known that hamsters and rabbits will sometimes chew on cables, this can not only be fatal to them, yet also may leave exposed wire. This can be especially dangerous for young children who do not quite understand the threat of electricity.

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