5 Ways to Keep Your Wires Organised

Do you have a problem with your disorganised heap of wires under your office desk? Or you may be struggling to tidy all of the wires behind your TV? Twisted wires are notoriously difficult to deal with. They can become dangerous and unsafe if the protective layers of the wire become damaged meaning that live wire becomes visible. This could be putting you a severe risk of electric shock.

Electric shocks can have huge consequences to the body which include: burn injuries, harm internal tissues and damage to the heart depending on the severity of the shock.

Here are 5 tips to help create an electrically safe environment and to keep your cables in order.

  1. Have a look online for a cable management kit that includes storage boxes, cable clips, cable sleeves and more. There are many different kits on websites like Amazon and eBay which are affordable and will help you keep your wires intact.
  2. On a tight budget? And not wanting to spend money on a cable management kit, there are many different tutorials online that help you make your own management kit. This could include homemade charging stations and cable sleeves.
  3. Labelling is very important when it comes to wires because there is nothing worse than trying to track the wires back to the source to understand which cable is for which appliance. You should label them at each end will enable you to know which appliance you’re unplugging.
  4. Trying to store your cables away? Toilet rolls are an effective way of storing your wires. They help organise the wires in a controlled manner, all you need to remember to write a label on the toilet roll.
  5. Ensure that you aren’t linking your cables as this could make your organised cables become confusing for you to control. Furthermore, plugging extensions cords into extension cords is dangerous which could result in an electric accident or a fire. This overloads the current running through the leads.


Take these tips and put them into practice, ensuring that your wires and cables are properly organised and managed. This could not only save space and confusion it can also reduce the risk of an electrical accident.

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