Image of a house on a calculator.
How to Save Money On Your Electrical Bills

Now we at MT Electrical understand that electricity is not cheap! Every household contains many electric outlets and many of us own plentiful appliances and gadgets that will run up our electric bills. As this is the case, we have...

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Image of a Power Pylon.
Tips to Dealing With a Power Cut

A power cut can occur at any moment and on any given day, because of this, it is important that you are aware of how to act in the event of a power cut. There are a few tips that...

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Image of an electrical fire hazard
Spot The Signs of an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires can be devastating and brutal in your home. They are particularly dangerous as they cannot be put out with basic water and if you are in the presence of one, then be sure to call the fire department...

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Image of a broken light switch
Ordinary Electrical Problems in The Home

When a house is full of electrical devices then overtime there is a chance that some problems may occur. Flickering lights, damaged appliances and higher electricity bills could be signs that you have an electricity problem in your home. Seen...

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Why Should You Invest in CCTV Systems for Your Home?

Many people may believe that CCTV systems are more of a luxury rather than a necessity when it comes to their home. This is not the case, yes the price of CCTV systems are not cheap, yet you truly are...

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Security Alarms: Ensure Your Home Is Safe

Every home is at risk from burglary, yet there are precautions to put into place that will drastically decrease the chances of this happening. The main way of doing this of course, is with security alarms. Security alarms in your...

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image of fire alarm
The Importance of Installing a Fire Alarm

Everyone has known since an early age about the dangers of fire and the importance of installing a fire alarm in your home. No matter what area your house is in or how big it is it is always important...

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Image of Multi-Room Audio System
The Benefits of Multi-Room Audio

Imagine being able to listen to music all around your home whenever you want. Well, with our multi-room audio installation this becomes a reality! With approximately over 90 million units of the systems being shipped from 2020, there is no...

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Image of an Electric car being charged.
Tips on Using an EV Charger at Home

With many car companies planning to go fully electric from 2030, there is an increased interest and demand for electric cars. With this, also comes an increase in EV charging installations as many people will pay for the convenience of...

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Image of an LED Light
Why Should You Replace Your Traditional Lights with LED Lighting?

LED lighting has become extremely popular as of late, whether it be for fashion, economic or any other reason, yet what we do know is that they are in demand and other lights are being pushed aside. Read on below...

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