The Best Ways to Dispose of Your Electrical Items

Every household across the UK is full of unused electrical items and devices, due to this we would all like an easy way to dispose of these electrical devices as they take up a lot of space and can be...

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Famous Common Myths About Electricity

We have all learnt about the precautions and basic dangers of electricity, we have also been told facts about the subject that we just assume are true as they just make sense, right? Wrong! In fact in many cases people...

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Electrical Work- Please Do Not DIY!

There is a reason that there is a specific job role for electricians, the work can be complicated and very dangerous if the person handling the electrics does not know what they are doing. Some people may think they have...

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Electrical Safety Tips For Halloween

Halloween is an especially joyful time for families and allows children and adults alike to get creative with scary and unique costume designs to surprise trick or treater’s at their door. It is also a time where there are many...

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How to Spot an Unprofessional Electrician

The majority of people working as an electrician are great at their job and highly skilled in electrical repair and installation. There are however, a few that slip through the cracks and somehow become electricians who go around carrying out...

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Keeping Your Bedroom Safe

You may see your bedroom as your sanctuary and a safe place away from the dangers of the outside world, yet any room with electrical devices can always present a danger if electrical safety precautions are ignored then this could...

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Image of a house on a calculator.
How to Save Money On Your Electrical Bills

Now we at MT Electrical understand that electricity is not cheap! Every household contains many electric outlets and many of us own plentiful appliances and gadgets that will run up our electric bills. As this is the case, we have...

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Image of a Power Pylon.
Tips to Dealing With a Power Cut

A power cut can occur at any moment and on any given day, because of this, it is important that you are aware of how to act in the event of a power cut. There are a few tips that...

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Image of an electrical fire hazard
Spot The Signs of an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires can be devastating and brutal in your home. They are particularly dangerous as they cannot be put out with basic water and if you are in the presence of one, then be sure to call the fire department...

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Image of a broken light switch
Ordinary Electrical Problems in The Home

When a house is full of electrical devices then overtime there is a chance that some problems may occur. Flickering lights, damaged appliances and higher electricity bills could be signs that you have an electricity problem in your home. Seen...

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