Domestic Electricians in Burton upon Trent

MT Electrical is a team of expert electricians that can help you with all your electrical needs throughout the house. Whatever the size of the job we can ensure you that we will get the task done. Some of the electrical requirements that we can complete around the house include: electrical installations in new properties and renovated houses and apartments, rewiring your property, your properties fuse board and consumer unit replacement and security lighting and alarm systems. So if you’re looking for a team of professional electricians in Burton upon Trent to handle your electrical requirements, then get in contact with our domestic electricians.


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Commercial Electricians in Burton upon Trent

We have provided years of commercial electrical work for the West Midlands, our commercial electricians. They’re specialists in repair, maintenance and installation electrical services in commercial buildings. Our group of professional electricians will closely work with our clients to ensure that we meet your electrical needs. There is a range of commercial electrical services that we deliver including emergency lighting fitting, security alarm fitting and maintenance, CCTV installation and many more. If you’re looking for professional electrical services, then MT Electrical is the company you need, a comprehensive range of electrical services at affordable prices.



Industrial Electricians in Burton upon Trent

Here at MT Electrical, we provide exceptional industrial electrical work. From the very first contact with the industrial client, we will work in close proximity with them, making sure that we provide the requirements with your business needs. We’re aware that all industrial projects are totally bespoke therefore we will be with you through the whole journey. Our electricians believe that it’s not only about the electrical services we provide, it’s about the customer service also. Some of the industrial electrical services we offer include comprehensive design and installation, socket and lighting installation, security alarm fitting and many more industrial services.


CCTV Systems in Burton upon Trent

Image of CCTV cameras.We install the most up-to-date and highest quality CCTV systems here at MT Electrical, these systems allow you to enhance the security of your home or commercial property. If you are living in Burton upon Trent and looking for secure CCTV systems to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones, then be sure to check out our page on CCTV systems.

Security Alarms in Burton upon Trent 

Another great way to maintain a high level of security on your property is with the installation of security alarms. At MT Electrical, we provide a wide range of security alarm systems that you can place in your home or property to protect any valuables that you may have. We offer many types of security alarms in Burton upon Trent, from basic wired alarms to brand new wireless technology. Be sure to visit our page on security alarms in Burton upon Trent for more information.



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Fire Alarms in Burton upon Trent 

Our clients’ safety in Burton upon Trent is always the priority for us, here at MT Electrical. Therefore, we provide high-end fire alarms systems for homes and commercial properties. We strive to make sure each property that we share is kitted out with reactive and effective fire alarm and detection systems, as nothing is more important than the welfare of our electricians and clients. If you are living in Burton upon Trent and want more information on fire alarm installation, see our service page on fire alarms.

EV Charging in Burton upon Trent 

As an electrical focused company, we are extremely aware of the rise and demand of EV charging in Burton upon Trent and across the UK. There is a strong need for EV charging installation due to the purchases of electric cars. At MT Electrical, we provide EV charger installation for commercial and domestic properties in Burton upon Trent. Visit our EV charging page to find out more. 

LED Lighting in Burton upon Trent

Image of an LED light.LED lighting seems to be taking over more and more homes each year. At MT Electrical, our LED lighting in Burton upon Trent caters to domestic and commercial properties. We carefully switch out old, used and short-living bulbs for new, bright and long-lasting LED lighting, which will not need to be replaced for a long while. If you live in the Burton upon Trent area and are looking for LED lighting in your property, then be sure to visit our LED lighting page.


Multi-Room Audio in Burton upon Trent 

Are you someone that enjoys hearing music all around your home? If yes, then you will love our multi-room audio installation in Burton upon Trent. The systems that we provide at MT Electrical are designed to offer clients the best possible audio experience for their property. For more information on installing multi-room audio in Burton upon Trent properties, then be sure to visit our multi-room audio page.



About Burton upon Trent

Burton upon Trent is a market town in Staffordshire and close to the border with Derbyshire. The town is renowned for brewing beer, with eight different breweries housed in Burton including, Coors Brewery and Marston’s Brewery. All of the breweries in the town will need electrical services; MT Electrical can help in all kinds of businesses from small independent businesses to large industrial factories, providing electrical services.


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