Common Electrical Problems in Your House

Common electrical surges may be affected by lightning strikes, damaged power lines, faulty appliances within the property. This can be made worse by bad electrical wiring due to tangled electric cables. Electrical surges only last a few microseconds and can easily go unnoticed. Continuous surges will damage the electrical components, ultimately depreciating life expectancy of the components. Scheduling a domestic electrician to replace the electrical wiring around your home is important. 

Frequent electrical surges may be caused by your electrical device connected to your home power grid or the wiring being incomplete.

Circuit Overload 

Circuit overload is due to multiple appliances being plugged into one socket, consuming a significant amount of power. This causes the breaker to trip and the power board shutting off all electrical movement around the property. 

To prevent circuit overload, homeowners will need to avoid daisy-chaining power boards. This is when extension cords are plugged into other power strips. Secondly, remove any electrical device that isn’t in use because power is still drawn even when not connected. Try to spread electrical devices around the home; avoid placing electrical devices into one single circuit. 

Electrical Consumption  

Using a considerable amount of electricity throughout the house will increase your electrical bills. Understanding what electrical devices that you should be moving from the plug sockets to reduce electrical consumption. Here are some tips on reducing electrical consumption:

  • More efficient gadgets and appliances e.g. Smart Thermostat
  • Turn off Standby Appliances
  • Switch to LED Lighting
  • Use Smart Power Strips

Additionally, electrical wiring may be damaged due to continuous surges which would require a domestic electrician to repair or replace the electrical wiring around the home. 

Electrical Shocks 

Electrical shocks leave a negative feeling which reminds us that electricity is a dangerous component and should be dealt with carefully. Children may come across a plug socket then end up sticking their fingers inside or touching an exposed wire. Parents should educate their children on electrical safety and how a combination of water and electricity isn’t a good idea. 

Electric shocks happen when plugs are turned on or off, most likely caused by a faulty appliance or wiring. If you experience an electric shock and you think your wiring is faulty, the best idea would be to call an electrician to explain the problem.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are frequently used in your home. Bulbs that quickly burn out are caused by the wattage being too high, which can dim other lights within your property. The best solution would be to check with your electrician to see how you could solve the problem without causing further damage to the light bulb trying to fix the problem yourself. 

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