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Electrical Problems in a Workplace 

Within the workplace there are many different types of electrical devices and items that can be a potential danger if the correct precautions are not considered. It is vital that the safety of your workforce is prioritised over anything else so you must be aware of any electrical issues that may occur. Be sure to read on below to find out a few electrical problems in the workplace and what you can do to prevent and solve them.

Damaged Equipment

In a workplace it is often very busy, with people constantly on the move and in a frantic rush to meet deadlines. Due to this some electrical equipment may be forgotten or neglected for a period of time, this electrical equipment is then expected to work accordingly when it is next being used and may give out an electric shock or simply stop working. To avoid this happening, regular checks on electricals around the workplace should be conducted.



















Now this goes for any building or property, if you are the last one to leave the workplace then you should be turning off all of the lights, (if you struggle to see then just use the torch on your phone!) If the lighting is powered by a control panel or switch then proceed to turn these off also. Leaving the lights on should never be an option, this not only wastes energy yet also can cause a fire hazard if they were to overheat.

Human Error

Again when talking about a workplace it can be rather chaotic at times. Due to this there is a high chance of human error from time to time, something as simple as leaving failing to switch off a kettle or having a loose plug could cause a potential electrical fire in certain circumstances. To avoid this happening you can engage in regular electrical safety talks with your work colleagues in which you discuss possible dangers and go over basic problems that they should already know yet are not cautious of them.

Insulation Problems

It is important to assess the insulation of your equipment whilst the power is off (that last part is vital). If the insulation is of poor quality then you will need to replace it with a higher quality standard. Do not attempt to try and fix any visible damages with electrical tape as this could cause worse problems down the line.

Colleagues With Pacemakers

This is also a very important factor to consider when thinking about electrical issues in the workplace. Some workers may have needed pacemakers fitted to their hearts due to medical issues, you must inform these people whenever they are at risk of electromagnetic hazards. The main priority for a workplace is health & safety and if some colleagues are not as safe as possible when they are working then this needs to be resolves ASAP.

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