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Electrical Safety for Children

 Children are inquisitive by nature and it can be hard to keep them away from electrical devices that they shouldn’t be playing with. Here at MT Electrical, we want children to be electrically safe during lockdown. Our expert electricians want to give you some tips on how to keep your children electrically safe.  


10 Tips for Electrical Safety for Children 

 If you’re concerned about your children playing with dangerous electrics during the lockdown period, you can go through these ten tips with them  

  Keep metal objects out of toasters 

Don’t ever climb a fence near an electrical substation 

Keep electrical devices away from water 

Ensure that you put charges away when you’re not using them – this is to make sure pets or younger children cannot chew on them. 

Ask an adult for assistance if you are having troubles with an electrical device. 

Don’t plug lots into one power source – this can overload the system and cause a fire. 

Stay at least 10m away from a fallen power line. 

Don’t force or yank at your chargers – this could cause damage to the electrical power outlet and device. 

Ensure you fly kites away from power stations. 

Never climb a power pole. 


For parents that have little ones, you know how difficult it is when trying to control their movement around electrics. To keep them safe it is important you you put measures in place. Here are some restrictions you can implement to child proof your home from electrical hazards. 


 Electrical Safety Covers   

 Electrical covers fit over the electrical outlet; this means that nothing can be applied into them. Children’s fingers can fit almost anywhere, and electrical outlets seem to be a favourite thing for children to play with. Apply electrical covers around your household in all the electrical outlets. Mostly consider adding them to the plugs where children can reach. There are many different covers that you can purchase, ensure that they’re tamper resistant so you don’t have to fear that they can take them off. 


Child Proofing Your Household 

 You may have curious children that like exploring, you can use the following electrical tips to make your house safer for them. 

  •  Protect your vacant wall electrical outlet with plastic attachments that can be pulled out and put in the mouth or protecting the outlets with furniture. Another thing to think about is using safety outlets to stop unusual objects being inserted.  
  • When using extension cords, ensure that they’re hidden and tucked away so they’re out of sight. You could use electrical tape to cover the vacant plugholes. 
  • Keep all electrical devices such as toasters, hairdryers and hair straighteners on high shelves out of the reach of children.  


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