Electrical Safety Tips For Halloween

Halloween is an especially joyful time for families and allows children and adults alike to get creative with scary and unique costume designs to surprise trick or treater’s at their door. It is also a time where there are many electrical devices that are being used with electrical powered decorations, costumes and lighting all being fundamental themes of Halloween. Below we have provided a few tips that can help you with electrical safety at Halloween.

Use Flame Resistant Materials

Now unless you were going to dress up as Ghost Rider for Halloween then you should not be bursting into flames! Be sure to use flame resistant materials on your costume and with your decorations as some electrical device could short-circuit and cause the surrounding area to go up in flames. If this were to happen and you were wearing a flammable outfit then this would be bad news for you.

Look For Faulty Decoration

Now following on from the previous point, your electrical devices should not be problematic to you at all, many people tend to use the same electrical decorations as the year before and over time these may get too old and either stop working or become faulty and hazardous. Whenever you are preparing your Halloween equipment, be sure to test out all electrical devices and accessories beforehand to avoid any Halloween disasters as this could end up being life-threatening if handled poorly. Electrical safety should be one of the main factors considered when decorating and dressing up for Halloween.

Use Battery Powered Candles

A popular decoration during Halloween are Pumpkins, people will tend to carve out faces into their pumpkins and hollow them out so that they can place a candle inside a give it that iconic Halloween glow! This can be a danger however as a flame could spill over and set fire to the surrounding areas, whilst it may not look as authentic you should use electrical powered candle as they still give out a decent glow and effect on the pumpkin and are much safer than a regular candle.

Turn Everything Off Before Bed

Now this electrical safety tip should be very simple and the majority of people would do it without a thought, however some Halloween parties can get a bit out of control and with alcohol being consumed you may forget to turn off your electrical devices and decorations, leaving very powerful strobe lights on for a long period of time can be a risk if your power outlet is not necessarily the strongest. This should be the same for all electrical devices and outlets in your home yet especially with these powerful decorations that have a higher energy consumption and tend to heat up quickly.

Simply following these steps can ensure you and your family are following electrical safety guidelines and can have a fun and frightful Halloween!

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