How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are very beneficial to save money and energy, the best way to cut your electricity bills. Using solar panels reduces the carbon footprint of the home, they can be expensive to obtain but worth every penny long term. Electricity is generated through allowing photons or particles of light which pushes electrons free from atoms, generating electricity.


What are Photovoltaic Panels? 

They are made from photovoltaic cells, converting sunlight into electricity which fuels your home main electricity supply powering all electrical components and devices. Photovoltaic technology is relatively old with a futuristic appeal, overtime the efficiency and have improved in recent years. Suppliers normally have two types of panels to offer customers such as the thermal panels which are used to heat water and photovoltaic panels.


Sunny enough to generate in the UK? 

Despite their name, photovoltaic panels can work under any weather as they don’t need direct sunlight. Cloudy weather depletes the amount of electricity produced by 50% whereas under sunlight panels thrive. They can still do well without sunlight and provide a decent amount of electricity. The UK receives 60% of the solar radiation discovered in the equator, gaining more sunlight than Germany, making the UK on of the biggest markets for photovoltaic in the world.


How can I make save more energy? 

To make use of the free electricity provided by the panels you need to try using electricity in the day while your panels are producing electricity. Try using your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer during the day. Additionally, charging your mobile phones during the day is an efficient solution to using most of the electricity provided and using an electric slow cooker to make your food during the day.


Permission to use solar panels 

Planning consent isn’t needed, but in a conservation area or listed building you should enquire about obtaining photovoltaic panels. Since April 2008, legalisation has allowed the installation of solar panels deemed permitted development therefore permission isn’t required. Additionally, you would need to request permission if your photovoltaic panels are visible from the roadside. Overall, it is best to check with your council planning officer if you are not sure what to do.


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