How To Reduce Energy Consumption in your Home

Energy consumption can be produced through the excess use of electricity or other elements such as gas. Electricity is an important aspect of our lives, without electricity we wouldn’t be able to perform everyday tasks. Homeowners could save money by paying attention to unused electronics that can be unplugged or reduce the amount of water being used in the shower.


Natural Light

Natural light can light without the use of a light bulb, saving more than £50- £100 each month by reducing the use of light bulbs within your home.  An advantage offered by nature is the natural lighting it provides from the sun. New thermal, energy-efficient windows and doors, enhancing the home’s exposure to the sun which leads to a more sustainable home.


Shorten Showers

Long showers can increase the water bill considerably along with the heat that comes from the water. Shortened showers can beneficial because you will save more than 50% of the water bill.  Also, hot showers can harm the environment because a large amount of CO2 is released into the air and takes energy to heat your water tank. Lukewarm showers would be much more effective to help the environment and reduce CO2 being released into the air.


Unplug Electronics

 Most households will have electronics for entertainment, food and productive use. The homes of today are lined with electronic devices and electrical equipment. If you take into account the host of small appliances sitting on the average kitchen counter, the various electronics in most entertainment areas and the collection of small chargers needed for an entire household to power mobile devices.

You can use a portable energy metre to know how much electricity your appliances and electronics use if they’re not in use. Plug one of these devices into an outlet, then, with the appliance switched off, plug each device in one by one.


Reduce Heat in the Kitchen

In all households, the kitchen is used every day to prepare and cook food. Various electrical appliances are used while cooking and preparing food producing a large amount of heat from the oven, stove, toaster and any other electronics that releases heat within the kitchen.

To reduce the heat within the kitchen, homeowners could install a ventilator to reduce the heat or opening up the window. Solving the issues will allow you to save money and decrease the amount of food being wasted while cooking in the kitchen.


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