How to Spot an Unprofessional Electrician

The majority of people working as an electrician are great at their job and highly skilled in electrical repair and installation. There are however, a few that slip through the cracks and somehow become electricians who go around carrying out dodgy fittings in homes which is extremely dangerous as if your electricals are improperly installed then this could lead to electrical shocks and potential fires! Read on below to see how you can suspect an unprofessional electrician before they go about messing with the electrics in your home.


Company Logos 

Usually an electrician will have the company that they worked for on a logo, this will either be on their outfit or van. If it is a well-known electrical company that you are certain is professional then the electrician should be perfectly qualified, yet if you do not recognise the logo or company name then be sure to put them into Google and go straight for the reviews. From there you can assess if this company is good enough to have an electrician do work n your home, if they are then let them get on with it but if you have any doubts then we would advise you do not use them.


Demanding Payment Before Work 

Now this one is a huge red flag. An electrician may ask you for payment before any work is done for safety reasons, however this may be a deposit and not the full payment. You should already have gotten a quote on the work that needs doing and so you will both know the cost of the job, this would mean that if an electrician starts demanding payment in full beforehand then if they made any mistakes you would have already paid and they will have practically scammed you out of your money.


Door to Door Electrician 

This is certainly something you should watch out for. Spontaneous visits on your door from handymen enquiring about your electrics are again another warning sign, do not allow them to do any electrical work on the spot. You might be okay will just letting them have a look around and maybe give you a quote on the work, if you take a liking to this person however and their credentials are up to standard (which is very unlikely) then you could allow them to carry out some work in your home.


Check Their Certification 

Most qualified electricians will not take offense by being ask for their qualifications, this is because if an electrician has these qualifications they can provide them to you instantly without much hassle and then proceed to get started on the job at hand. If an electrician starts asking why or getting frustrated at you then there might be a chance that they do not have the required qualifications and are trying to blag their way into taking your money for an unprofessional job, check their place of employment and company to see if this the case however as they might be having a bad day and could be a perfectly good electrician!

Contact Us at MT Electrical 

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