Huge Rise in Female Trades People

Research shows that there more than twice the amount of female tradespeople including electricians in the UK compared to ten years ago.

The analysis shows that there were an estimated 33,000 women tradespeople in 2019, which was 120% increase from 2009.

Within these 10 years, the number of people working in construction, electricals and plumbing has increased by 5% to 750,000. The percentage of tradespeople that are women currently account for about 4% which is a significant improvement compared to 2% a decade ago.

When the figures of broken down by industry, most of the female tradespeople can be found in the building industry (24,000) accounting for 6% of the total workforce. There are an estimated 8,000 females working as electricians, 3% of the total workforce.

The number of females working in these trades has been steadily rising over the past decade figures show that female representation is rising at a bigger rate with over half of the female workers in construction being registered since 2009.

Over the past decades, these types of trades have been dominated by males, therefore it is encouraging that the number of female tradespeople are increasing. Young females that are aspiring to be in a trade, can now see there is a pathway there for them.

Based on projections, there is expected to be a further 220,000 more women of working age in the UK by 2030. If the number of women working in construction remains constant over this time it could result in over 5,500 women in the industry by 2030. However, if the industry grows as it has since 2009 then we could see over 50,000 women in construction by the end of the decade.

Looking at the mean wages for tradespeople, women are still getting paid less than their male colleagues. On average female tradespeople earn 11% less than male tradespeople. This is lower than the average gender pay gap across different industries, in 2019 it was 16%.



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