Keeping Your Bedroom Safe

You may see your bedroom as your sanctuary and a safe place away from the dangers of the outside world, yet any room with electrical devices can always present a danger if electrical safety precautions are ignored then this could lead to an electrical fire or overworked outlets that will blow out a fuse and cost you some money. Below are a few necessary tips into keeping your bedroom safe from electrical issues.


Stop Piling Your Clothes 

Now you make think this sounds silly but a cleaner room can actually save your life! If you tend to pile your clothes up together in your room until it forms a mound-like structure this could become a potential tripping or blocking hazard in the event of escaping your bedroom due to an electrical fire. A high pile can also be great kindling for the start of an electrical fire if something were to go wrong with your electrical devices and this could end in disaster in the worst case scenario.


Keep Your Charger Away From Your Pillow 

This point seems rather obvious, despite this a lot of people many people sleep extremely close to their phone chargers and most of us are no more than a hand’s reach away from our phones. Ensure that your charger is not on your bed however or especially not under your pillow as this is grounds for extreme overheating and once again could be a starter for an electrical fire. To make sure you maintain electrical safety in your bedroom, you could charge your phone on a table near your bed so that it is still close yet it is not directly touching the bed. Alternatively you could stop charging your phone at night as this will not only increase your electrical safety but also extend the battery life on your phone.


Electric Blankets 

There is an obvious electrical safety concern with electric blankets, this however should by no means deter you away from using them. These blankets can be crucial in the winters for those who lack the access to central heating especially the elderly who can struggle with dealing with colder temperatures. If you notice any damage to your electric blanket then try and get rid of it as soon as possible as any rip or tear could lead to electric shocks or worse.


Extra Fire Alarm

All houses at least should be fitted with a standard fire alarm in the event of a fire. Why then, should your bedroom not be fitted with an extra smoke alarm in the event of an electrical fire. Spark plugs can malfunction at any time if fitted poorly or damaged and so a fire could start in the very room you are asleep in. If this were to happen then you would have already inhaled enough smoke to be lethal before the fire alarm in your home even noticed. If you are looking for an extra fire alarm for your bedroom then check out our specialists at MT for fire alarm installation

image of fire alarm


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