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Ordinary Electrical Problems in The Home

When a house is full of electrical devices then overtime there is a chance that some problems may occur. Flickering lights, damaged appliances and higher electricity bills could be signs that you have an electricity problem in your home. Seen below are a few ordinary and common electrical problems that can occur in the home.


Repetitive Electrical Surges 

Now an electrical surge can be caused by many things, these include lightning strikes, faulty wiring, damage to a power line and more. An electrical surge will usually only last for half a second, yet constant and repetitive electrical surges can damage your electrical items over time and shorten their lifespan. The source of frequent electrical surges could be an electrical device that is attached to your wiring or the home grid. Remove any cheaply made electricals from your outlets and if the problem still remains then you should consult one of our established electricians at MT Electrical.


A Circuit Overload 

This problem is extremely common and the main way to solve it is just by using some common sense. It is pretty obvious to the average Joe that overloading an outlet with multiple electrical devices that are all switched on at the same time is a bad idea! Be sure to be mindful as to where you connect devices around your home, ensure the temperature is not too high and there are no obstacles blocking the electrical current. The best tip is to spread out your power usage throughout your home and use different outlets instead of concentrating all of the electricity around one outlet.


Broken Light Switches 

If you notice that your dimmer switch does not adjust to the right level of light that it is supposed to, this could be a sign of poor workmanship or sub-standard electrical products. If your lights and dimmers are brand new and they have this problem then this could indicate faulty wiring. If this is the case then be sure to contact an established electrician.


Receiving an Electric Shock 

The majority of us have received an electric shock or at least a static shock before. It’s a quick ‘zap’ and shocks you for around half a second. Electric shocks are quite painful they are more severe however, it teaches us that you should never underestimate the danger of electricity! An electric shock typically occurs when a device is being switched off or on, the quick switch in current can cause a brief shock and indicate that this outlet is not fit for use. A way of finding this out is by testing another device on this same outlet, yet if you are afraid of more electric shocks then get a professional to look at it.


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