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Spot The Signs of an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires can be devastating and brutal in your home. They are particularly dangerous as they cannot be put out with basic water and if you are in the presence of one, then be sure to call the fire department ASAP and leave the surrounding area. An electrical fire occurs when a current in an electrical wire breaks the circuit of electricity. This creates sparks and heat around the surrounding area. If these sparks are large enough, they can actually develop into an electrical fire. It is vital then, that you can spot the signs of an electrical fire.


Constant Breaker Tripping 

Breaker tripping can occur on occasion and see if this happens in your home from time to time than its nothing to really worry about. Yet if there is constant breaker tripping then this may indicate towards a short circuit. A short circuit is a large flow of electrical current that results from faulty connections. This is bad as it could cause your fuse to blow and therefore create an aggressive electrical fire. Ensure your fuse is fitted properly and the correct size.


Flickering Lights 

Now flickering lights are a very common sign of a brewing electrical fire in your home. The answer could be as simple as a dying bulb that needs to be replaced or it could be something more serious. This is because it could be due to loose electrical connections, if you replace your bulb and the flickering continues then you should contact a specialist like ourselves at MT Electrical. Our domestic services are perfect to fix this sort of problem. Even if you have the slightest of concerns about your electrics due to flickering lights in your home then be sure to contact a specialist as you and your families’ safety is the number one priority.


Outlets Emitting Heat 

When it comes to spotting the main sign of a potential electrical fire, this would be your outlets emitting heat. This can occur from a variety of different factors surrounding your outlets. One of the main ones being overloading your outlets with multiple devices, this can cause it to overheat and even melt some of the cables which exposes the live wire inside.

Your outlet should never be hot to the touch, if it is then you should unplug everything immediately and wait for it to call down. Ensure there are no obstacles in the way of any cables plugged into your outlets. Obstructing the electrical flow with any live wires plugged into your outlets really is a recipe for disaster and a breeding ground for the start of an intense electrical fire.


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