The Best Ways to Dispose of Your Electrical Items

Every household across the UK is full of unused electrical items and devices, due to this we would all like an easy way to dispose of these electrical devices as they take up a lot of space and can be a potential hazard if they are neglected or broken. We at MT Electrical believe that everyone has a responsibility  to get rid of their own unused electrical items as hoarding them and keeping them rusting in your loft or shed can be impactful to the environment. Read on below for the best ways to dispose of your electrical items.

Council Collections 

Now this may not necessarily apply to everyone, however some local council authorities do indeed offer a kerbside collection for unwanted electrical items. The council will come and collect electrical items like toasters, kettles, torches as well as household batteries. Place these items in a small carrier bag and place it beside your recycling bins during collection day.

Drop off at Recycling Centres 

If you do not have the availability of council collections then fear not, there are many other ways in which to dispose of your electrical items. The majority of people will tend to drop off their unused or broken electrical items at various recycling centres of which there are thousands across the UK. Sometimes you may need to book a slot so that it is not too crowded when you get there, you can just search online if you are not sure where your nearest recycling centre is located and you will be sure to find one not too far away.

Sell Them for Money 

Another option of course, is just to sell them for money. We guarantee that most people have  £100’s if not £1000’s in unused electrical items just lying around the house and they are usually just left to rust away which is very wasteful. Have a search around your home and any older phone, tablet, console that you find and is in working condition will be bought by somebody. It is important that you do wipe all the memory and files on your electrical items, if not then you could not only be selling away your console yet also your bank account details, your address, other personal information to a random person that could do anything with it!

Charity Donation

Another method to dispose of your electrical devices would be to gift them to a charity shop. You may have unused TV’s or consoles that could make a family very happy or any electric blankets or electrical heaters will be appreciated by organisations like The Salvation Army, they themselves have large shops as well as some donation centres around the UK. They have specialist furniture shops as well as donation centres for your unused electrical items.

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