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Tips to Dealing With a Power Cut

A power cut can occur at any moment and on any given day, because of this, it is important that you are aware of how to act in the event of a power cut. There are a few tips that we have come upon some items and objects that may be in people’s homes, some points may appeal to different people. Below are a few tips on dealing with a power cut and how acting fast can reduce any chance of damages or loss.

Image of a Fridge.

Aquatic Pets 

Your tropical fish or reptiles should be fine for a couple of hours without power. After this, you may need to unplug your filters to stop toxins from entering the water. Cover the tank with a blanket to keep the heat in and if oxygen is needed take a small cup of the tank water and pour it back in or make a figure of eight in the water.

Fridge & Freezer

Keep your fridge freezer door closed to protect the contents, chilled and frozen food should last for several hours. You can also cover your freezer with blankets while your electricity is off to give extra insulation and refer to your manufacturer’s guidelines for more information. The best thing to do with a fridge freezer is acting fast, your power could be out for several hours and this could lead to the freezer defrosting and ruining lots of food. On a hot day, this would be even worse, you could try and go out to buy some ice to put in a large bucket and place your items in the bucket, this is obviously not as useful as a freeze. However, it will keep your food at the very least cool and means you won’t have to waste so much money!

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Electrical Devices & Appliances 

Switch off all electrical appliances that are not designed to run unattended, for example, cookers, grills, chip pans, hair straighteners and electric fires. Your electronic devices will run out of charge, limit their use for emergencies. Some devices may have a low power mode this will help to reduce the amount of charge used. It could be a good idea to invest in charging packs and have them fully charged in the event of a power cut, this will ensure you have a backup power source enabling you to keep using important appliances.

Try to Keep Warm 

It is important that you stay warm whilst your power is out, this is especially vital if you are a very young or more elderly person as you will be more vulnerable to the cold weather. If you happen to get a power cut whilst it is cold outside, be sure to pack on the layers of clothing, including maybe 2 pairs of socks. Try to wrap yourself up in a blanket and try to contact someone who can help you, our specialists at MT Electrical will be on hand if the problem can be fixed.

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