What Are the Different Types of Electricians?

Here at MT Electrical we’re proud to say that we can do any electrical job from domestic electricals to construction electricals. However, in this article we will run through the different types of electricians and what jobs they complete.


Domestic Electrical Installers 

The most common electrician is a domestic electrical installer, they work on domestic properties taking on big or small jobs around your home or business, fixing installation of wiring throughout the facility. To become a domestic electrical installer, a course must be taken to achieve this status to professionally and legally complete tasks at this level because electricians deal with dangerous tasks that could cost their life such as electrocutions, fires and more. If you have problems installing your electricity, then contact MT electrical to receive top customer service and experts to come solve your electrical problem.


Maintenance Electricians 

Maintenance electricians make sure that modern electrical systems are completed to the highest standard using professional equipment effectively and safely. Their job consist of performing maintenance on the power grid and fixing problems with machinery within factories. To become a maintenance electrician technical training is required to obtain basic knowledge of electrical systems equipment along with gaining experience through electrician apprenticeship then in the end an electrician license.


Installation Electricians 

Installation Electricians are responsible for installing systems, security, power, structure cabling and more. These jobs are slightly larger than domestic electrical installers due to projects being larger and more difficult. Installation electricians are very flexible as they can work indoor or outdoor facilities such as construction sites to commercial properties.


Construction Electricians 

Construction Electricians are responsible for rewiring and wiring along with assembling, installing and electrical systems into homes and buildings. They normally carry out installations on wiring after the building is partially built, following the blueprints and wiring diagrams. These types of jobs are very important and require professionals such as construction electricians to solve the problem. Electrical wiring is required as part of the upgrading, working alongside other electricians to complete this job successfully.


Electrical contractor 

 An electrical contractor has a small business of their own, hiring qualified electricians. To be able to become a master electrician and own an electrical business, it is vital have formidable knowledge within the sector knowing extensively how electrical components work along with other related topics to handle a comprehensive contracting business. Furthermore, every electrical contractor will need training and license before considering running a business within the electrical sector.


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