Why Electrical Safety is Important After COVID-19 Lockdown?

The Coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of people think about safety and how to protect ourselves from COVID-19, at home and in the workplace. Keeping our families and staff safe of another outbreak to occur is important, however, you shouldn’t forget about electrical safety.

With the enhanced risk of workers falling ill of Coronavirus added to the other regular safety concerns, businesses need to be more aware than ever about their safety procedures taking into account the data about electrical testing. One of the positive things to come from the COVID-19 pandemic is that companies are ploughing more money into health and safety, which could help create an electrically safe environment. Here are some of the electrical precautions you can put in place to ensure your business is electrically safe.


Overestimate PPE Stock Levels

PPE has become an essential for most business because of the government telling people that they need to wear a facemask while shopping. This means that demand may increase, therefore, you should be purchasing a full inventory of electrical safety equipment due to a spike in demand. Some of this basic safety equipment necessary: voltage-rated gloves, hard hats, face shields and safety glasses.


Recognising Hazardous Equipment for Increased Safety

Having a sufficient supply of personal protective equipment is important but electrical safety is just as important! An extensive safety solution is to pinpoint potential hazardous equipment and items that can be changed or upgraded the reduce the electrical threat.


Install Arc Resistant Equipment

Instead of using traditional equipment such as motor-control centres and switch gears. Arc-resistant upgrades can be implemented in place. Arc resistant material can lower the contact with arc flash hazards by guiding the potential harmful energy away from the worker doing the task.


Revisiting the Hierarchy of Controls

Identifying and understanding the hierarchy of controls is important when implementing a brand-new safety plan and pin pointing potential flaws in the current safety plan. More people than qualified electricians will be carrying out checks on the appliances. Having the peace of mind that the safety plan was built around hierarchy of controls will reduce the risk of an electrical accident to occur.


Etch Safety into Company Culture

The coronavirus pandemic has totally changed the way businesses think about health and safety. It has engrained it in managers mind about taking the safety-first approach. They should be implementing safety into company culture instead of a limp set of electrical safety rules to follow. An example is that you could periodically send an email newsletter to their staff reminding them on the safety procedures around the building. The way that business owners should look at this is that ploughing some time and money into electrical safety is a much cheaper option than a serious fatal electrical injury to one of their staff.

There is still a lot of doubt regarding COVID-19 and how businesses are going to come out of the other side still trading. However, businesses shouldn’t lose touch of being electrically safe and giving your employees a safe environment to work in.


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