Electrical Work- Please Do Not DIY!

There is a reason that there is a specific job role for electricians, the work can be complicated and very dangerous if the person handling the electrics does not know what they are doing. Some people may think they have a basic knowledge of electrical work and proceed to try and do it themselves and this could lead to dire consequences. Read on below for a few reasons as to why you should not attempt electrical work yourself and contact a professional like ourselves at MT Electrical.

Electric Shocks 

Electric shocks are probably the main danger when dealing with electrical work, the majority of the time they will just be a little zap that takes you by surprise and may hurt for a few seconds. However when trying to do vital electrical work yourself without any training or skills this can be deadly! You could be working with some seriously high voltage electric mains and one wrong move can lead to 3rd degree burns or even instant death. Be sure to contact a professional electrician that wears the appropriate equipment and can get the job done without causing harm to themselves.

Danger of Fires 

Electrical fires can occur very easily and spread like butter on hot toast! The main reason as to why an electrical fire would occur in this instance would be due to faulty wiring (as again we must stress that you should never attempt electrical work if you are not qualified or have no knowledge in the sector). If your electrics are fitted incorrectly then you are pretty much guaranteed to face electrical problems, this could be constant power cuts, wire-tripping and of course electrical fires. If you are wanting to learn more about the dangers and signs of an electrical fire then be sure to check out our blog on this subject.

Failing Inspection

Another problem that might not come to mind is the fact that you can risk failing inspection on your property for faulty electrical work. Electrical components in a property are expected to pass inspection before they can be used, this means that if you proceed to do the electrical work yourself then this will most likely lead to you failing inspection and you could even be fined large amounts of money due to the lack of electrical safety in the home and how it could impact the neighbourhood if the worst were to happen.

Cost in Damages 

Speaking of large amounts of money, DIY electrical work could lead to you having to fork out on repairs on the self-inflicted damage you have put onto your property. If you ‘complete’ electrical work for your property and it is faulty and unusable then you will need to pay for an electrician to at first undo all of your amateur work and then proceed to do the job properly, this will take more time and so the electrician will need to be paid more money.


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